Commercial Leasing Services

Muljat Group Services – The Muljat Group provides a full range of services for commercial and residential property owners, allowing them the opportunity to utilize their time more effectively. It is our ultimate goal to continue to acquire and manage commercial buildings and properties that meet our standards and address the needs of the local rental community, while creating and maintaining loyal tenancies through effective real estate management.

  • Property Evaluation – It is our profession. It is also our responsibility to recognize the potential of your commercial building or rental property. Landmark will provide you with expert advice on what your tenants should be paying for rent, repairs and numerous other updates to maximize the value of your building or property.
  • Advertising and Leasing – Our dedicated, experienced Landmark team will put in all the effort that is needed to get your commercial building or property rented quickly and efficiently.
  • Lease Enforcement – Our Landmark team notifies both owners and tenants immediately regarding violations of the Lease Agreement, taking all of the legal steps necessary to enforce the terms of the lease.
  • Budgets – Our staff at Landmark will prepare yearly budgets and budget versus actual expense reports for building and property owners, giving them a clear and concise understanding of their financial picture and what, if any changes need to be made. We will also reconcile your commercial NNN expenses at the beginning of each year.
  • Financial Records and Transactions – Landmark’s bookkeeping department will provide building and property owners with accurate, computerized record-keeping of payables and receivables, payroll services and employee management as well as monthly and yearly financial statements.
  • Fee Collection – Our Landmark team collects all rental income, follows up on collection of delinquent accounts and deposits all collected funds into your building or property’s trust account.
  • Site Management – Landmark representatives consistently inspect all buildings and properties and we always provide reports of our findings. We also supervise on-site staff and offer assistance with bylaw and rules enforcement procedures.
  • Repairs and Maintenance – Our 24 hour maintenance services will take care of emergencies in the middle of the night, provide basic maintenance of your building or property at reasonable rates, or will assign needed work to a local general contractor after owner approval.
  • Lease Renewals – Landmark staff consistently tracks expiration dates of lease renewals and notifies owners in a timely manner.

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