Place Equity Proto-Fund V1

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The Station at Martin

Fund Name PLACE Proto-Fund
Location Martin, TN
Targeted IRR 25%
Targeted Cash Flow 15%
Target Equity Multiple 2.5X – 3.0X


PLACE Proto-Fund offers accredited investors the opportunity to participate in PLACE Equity’s latest fund. The fund will acquire existing multi-family properties in high growth markets that have demonstrated substantial increases in population and continue to exhibit attractive long-term demographic indicators.

PLACE Proto-Fund is a $7M fund with plans to acquire quality, income producing, multi-family assets in the Southeastern and/or South Central United States, which are extremely desirable areas with forecasted high growth. Our focus is on Class A and B, garden-style communities with exceptional amenities and superior credit-worthy tenants. Check back soon for acquisition updates and property details.

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